Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Few Language Learning Tips

You need to learn a language but you are not so sure how. It may be to immigrate, to get a job or just because you want it.

Whatever path you choose, take a look at some tips that helped me learn English and Italian. Maybe they can help you learn a language too.

1. Passion - choose your favourite writers, books, singers, movies, videos, themes, and texts.

2. Time - Spend a lot of time using the target language every day.

3. Various materials and themes - use books, websites, videos, and magazines.

4. Persistance - cheer up when your inner motivation is low. Learning takes time.

5. Suggestions of free materials and sources:

- Listening lab: 

- Videos:

- Videos:

- Learning community:

I hope you have lots of fun learning a language!

See you soon!